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It is no doubt that today’s world is full of skepticism. With each passing day, there are several new scientific discoveries and we start to question and form doubts about religion.

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Timothy Keller can help both believers and skeptics in answering several of our biggest questions, including: Has science disproven Christianity? Can we take the Bible literally? Is the Bible still relative to our life today?

Keller makes his arguments in a very peaceful and respectful way. In fact, I would refer to them more as persuasions.

Keller understands why people have their doubts about God, which helps his arguments because he can see both sides of the spectrum. I appreciate his consideration because some people have such passionate questions and this does not make them evil or wrong.

For those that already consider themselves to be believers, this book will reinforce your faith and love for God. It is also a great tool to use when you try to defend your religion. You will be able to answer the arguments of even the wittiest of skeptics.

No matter what your beliefs are, these questions will often come up in everyday conversations. Can there really be one true religion? How could a good God allow suffering and even send people to hell? Does Christianity cause injustice?

At the beginning of the book, Keller addresses all of these arguments. Then, he focuses the rest of his time making his case for God.

One of the more inspirational quotes from Keller was the following:

“I ask you to put on Christianity like a pair of spectacles and look at the world with it. See what power it has to explain what we know and see.”

Although The Reason for God is an apologetic writing and defends the existence of God, it shows that if you wear those glasses, you will see that Christians have a consistent view of a loving God.

For more inspiration like that, I encourage you to check out Tim Keller Reason for God today. It is a great resource that explains the power and importance of belief in today’s hectic world.


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