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Mere Christianity PaperbackWho can turn down a thought provoking book by one of the most loved authors of our time?  I have never a read a book with such strong arguments and points. It took me back to my philosophy class in college building on thoughts and getting to the point of what you know.

It is not surprising that this piece of nonfiction is C.S. Lewis’s most popular work. The book explains and defends Christianity which in turn helps reestablish and redefine beliefs.

Lewis eloquently clears up all the confusion that comes from our confusion. As people of a modern age we seem to want to turn down traditional religion simply because it is traditional.  He is logical and illustrates examples to explain his ideas. He is able to be so rational yet make you forget that you are reading and instead feel like you are enjoying the company of a friend.

There is nothing new about Christianity as Lewis explains. The thing about our religion is that it has been here for a very long time. People tend to think that what Lewis says is old and out-dated but he means to make us realize that that is exactly the point.

C.S. Lewis is pure genius. Lewis states reasons as to why there is a God. It should be taken into account that as a youth Lewis was an atheist. This is amazingly fresh for the modern reader and what is so great about this work is that it can be read by both believers and non-believers.

This is for anyone who wants the logical and simple reasons for becoming a Christian. A new light will be shed on the simplest of concepts. Lewis brings all denominations into one and institutes the root and foundation of our religion.

Mere Christianity paperback written by C.S. Lewis is definitely a permanent addition to my library.


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