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In his book Prayers that Rout Demons, John Eckhardt presents a strong call to all Christians to focus on the power of prayer in ridding both their lives and the world of the evil forces that provide stumbling blocks for Christians.

Eckhardt argues that since our source of power comes from the Holy Spirit, we should “plug into” that power by prayer. He suggests that prayer energizes us and gives us the strength to overcome the evil of the world.

When first seeing this book, I was slightly skeptical of its content. However, upon reading it, I became a believer in the idea that powerful prayer is our most valuable tool in spiritual warfare.

It is no secret to Christians that there is a constant war between good and evil brewing all around us, and Eckhardt gives us a valuable resource to fend off the evil in our lives.

His book is full of prayers and decrees that promise to show readers how to accomplish a variety of spiritual warfare tasks, which include plugging into the spirit, preparing to engage the enemy, confronting the enemy’s tactics, defeating enemy forces, and experiencing deliverance and release.

Each section is specifically designed and detailed to build one’s spiritual arsenal by introducing them to new prayers and tactics to resist the evil of the world.

The reader is often encouraged to focus on the sections that affect them the most, and each prayer is backed by a Scripture reference that is designed to be meditated upon and integrated into daily life.

Prayers that Rout Demons is a valuable tool that will help readers unlock the true power of prayer in their lives and grow closer to God and His amazing power. This book isn’t for the lighthearted or fence-riding Christians.

It is designed for those who are serious about spreading the Word of God and honoring Him through continuous prayer and obedience. If you are ready to engage in serious spiritual warfare, then Prayers that Rout Demons by John Eckhardt is a must have.


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